What is in the name Flowers? The name Flowers actually derives from my past life. I use to hustle really hard back in the day and the product I moved was of course, that white flour. I had so much of it, just like 5lb bags of flour. People actually started calling me flour by that spelling due to what I was doing at that particular time. The spelling and the meaning of my name (Flowers) changed after an extremely tragic event took place. A guy that I knew who was actually mentally challenged got a hold to some of my work and became addicted. He asked his mother for $10.00 one morning and she refused to give it to him. He killed her by stabbing her. Soon after he then took his own life by hanging himself in jail. I then decided to quit that game. I thought to myself that I am killing my people with this product. My former name, Flour, already had a buzz and personality and being that I saw the negative aspect of the name with that spelling and my name had attracted so much attention, I decided to keep the pronunciation but, change the spelling. I figured that I was or had taken life selling that product and I am done with that part of my life, I now give life back through my music just like how trees, plants and flowers do for us humans. We as people can not survive without those essential things, so I adapted the name with its natural spelling. What made you want to get into the rap game? Mele Me, who by all true emcees standards is the greatest emcee to ever hold a mic. I saw him at Evander Childs High School Field Performing and it was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. I related to him, what he was saying and what he was doing. I said to myself: I can do that and here is where I am. How old were you when you got into the industry? I was 9 years old when I first started rhyming or emceeing. I’ve rocked with the greatest originators, in this sport, and the best part of it was learning. Who was your musical influence? First and foremost my brother Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation which I’ve been apart of since 13 years of age, Pow-Wow, Globe, Mele Mel, Dot-A-Rock, Rodney- C, KRS, Ghostface, Raekwon, Nas, the God Rakim Allah, Lyricist of the nature. What makes you different? The game itself makes me different. Nowadays everyone’s saying the same things and singing the same songs. It’s even come to people who claim to be real with this hiring writers and spitting other peoples so called gangster. I think way outside of the box and you can definitely detect that in my music. What are you bringing into the industry? What’s missing…? The Realism, the True Essence of Hip-Hop that corporate industry has taken and replaced with the face of sex, drugs, violence, money and corruption with. I’m bringing back straight music, real feelings and true hip-hop.

Mr Cheeks

Mr. Cheeks, who was mentored by his uncle Gil Scott-Heron, along with band mates Freaky Tah (1971–1999), Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou made up The Lost Boyz. The Lost Boyz practiced a sincere, literate, non-sensational style of New York hip-hop and produced a number of singles including; "Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless" (1994), "Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz" (1995) and "Renee" (1996). Lost Boyz gained worldwide critical acclaim following the release of the albums; Legal Drug Money in 1996, Love, Peace & Nappiness in 1997, and LB IV Life in 1999.
In March 1999, Lost Boyz member, Freaky Tah, was murdered while leaving Mr. Cheeks' birthday party in Queens, N.Y. After Tah's death the Lost Boyz effectively broke up, and Mr. Cheeks remained quiet.
When Mr.Cheeks made his road manager Ray "Mello" Moore his Partner and full-time manager they resurfaced in late 2001, as a solo artist. His debut solo album, John P. Kelly, named for both his cousin and his grandfather, featured the hit single "Lights, Camera, Action!". The album also included a collaboration with longtime friend and business partner, Stephen Marley, (son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley) featuring the ballad "Till We Meet Again" (recorded in Freaky Tah's memory) and the reggae-flavored "Mama Say”.
In 2003, Mr. Cheeks released the follow-up album, Back Again!. The single off the album was "Crush On You" and it featured Mario Winans. In the fall of 2003, Cheeks was also featured on Lil' Kim's single, "The Jump Off.". In 2004, he was also featured on R&B quartet Famil's single, "Finer Things" and Minneapolis rapper Kooke's two singles in 2004, "Holla Back" (feat. RL from NEXT) and "New Money". On June 8, 2004, Mr. Cheeks released the album Ladies and Ghettomen, his third solo LP in as many years.In April 2006 he made a feature, rapping the hook, on Lakey The Kid's single "Q.U. Side.". In 2010, Lost Boyz reunited, and released a single called "Haaay". His most recent activities as a solo musician have included collaborations with R&B singer Ryan Michael ("Sweet Luv"), Stephen Marley ("Iron Bars") and The SWATZ Brothas ("My Crew Is Tight," "Fantasy Time"). 

DJ King Flow

DJ King Flow is a DJ that continues to stretch the boundaries of what a conventional "DJ" is. The 19 year old that hails from Orleans, France has made several achievements that older DJ's have yet to attain. His biggest influences are QUINCY JONES, TEDDY RILEY, PETE ROCK, DJ WHOO KID, DJ PREMIER, MICHAEL JACKSON and many more... DJ King Flow is versatile and cannot be put into a box. The 19 year old phenom has also been crafting beats and mixes since the age of 9. His passion and intense dedication for music causes him to have a drive to always make additional tracks, while pushing to raise the bar for success.


Tony Brown, also known as M-EZ, is well known in the East Coast hip hop scene, as a national and international sensation! During the past seventeen years he has undoubtedly worked hard to make his mark in the industry, partnering with MC, DJ and a variety of Producer veterans in the industry.
Tony Brown was born in 1983, Washington DC, where he grew up around the many aspects of Hip Hop, with influences from KRS One, MC Lyte, Salt n’ Peppa, Notorious B.I.G, and Tupac Shakur.His work has grown over the years from rapping to creating beats, making him one of Philadelphia and New York City’s most sought out hip hop’s figures. While creating beats and producing bread winning favorites for other well known artists, M-EZ has also produced his own hit single’s, HEART ON HOLD, SUMMER, featuring Mims, and ROCK PAPER featuring Timbaland, to hit smash hit new single I GOT THE POWER.
M-EZ’s first exposure to hip hop culture was as at the rip young age of 7, listening to beat boxing, street battles on the streets of Washington DC, walking to and from elementary school. Soon after the first beat and the first lyric, his love for hip hop began, being his most challenging and most endearing relationship that he stays faithful to presently. M-EZ, first blessed the microphone with his first freestyle at age 9, and for that first year he created many tracks that were enjoyed by many of his elders in the industry. And, at the age of 10, M-EZ learned to make beats for his own tracks, from there M-EZ the star began to create his path as an artist, beat maker and producer. At the age of 16, M-EZ worked as a producer at mad jam studio and as an artist at Whitestone Records in Washington D.C. and in 2005 he relocated to Pennsylvania and began his career working with the top Allentown Hip Hop artists, as a Disc Jockey, Artist and Producer for Hip Hop artists in Philadelphia and NYC which he has leap bounds since then as an innovator and visionary.
M-EZ has maintained his focus on the different aspects of Hip Hop as described in The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, as created and practiced faithfully by one of the such as KRS-One. He seriously takes the principles and elements of Hip Hop, Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beatboxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism as practiced daily with his artists and his music.
M-EZ has been featured in 3 local magazines; 2 issues of exclusive magazine and echo live magazine, where he has been interviewed for his video editing and most recently Movie Directing of a local film, called Raising Hell. He has also perfected his video making skills to the point he directs and edits his own videos as well as for his other artists signed under his own Label “ Beatboy Universal ”.

DJ Jimmie Jaz

Part of the foundation crew. The Original DJ Jimmie Jaz -aka- GQ Jimmie Jaz, from the Home of the Universal Zulu Nation, Bronx River.
Star of T.V-Hip Hop show Graffiti Rock.

Bill Thousand

BILL THOUSAND is a rapper and self-proclaimed lyricist with a flow unheard of. Sounds common? Try being on 20 mixtape releases from high-ranking DJs in 3 months. BILL THOUSAND, with frequent collaborator Marq Divine released two popular mixtapes in 2012 called Fukk Bidness, Itz Personal 1 & 2, but THOU didn’t stop there. In three months during the 2 quarters of 2013, he featured on several DJs’ mixtapes including Mafia Mixtapes/Cokeboys south  DJ Arab & DJ Kingflow (which also set the blogs on fire instantly, too), resulting in him becoming a host for future bodies of work. Not bound by his home state of Iowa, BILL THOUSAND’s influence will continue to grow, because he is proving himself to be the hardest working entertainer rap has seen in a long time.

Marq Divine

Marq Divine born Marques Brooks, resides in Iowa City, Iowa, born in Rock Island, Illinois. Creating music since 1997, his experience with Hip Hop has transformed his musical presence by improving his visions of life. His unique sound and concepts grabs listeners immediately due to his delivery and great voice to enhance instrumentals chosen and bring his visions to life. Influences range from the ambitious works of Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, Roc Marciano. Styles P, Ransom, S.A.S (Streets All Salute) and more. In the last year and a half Divine has released: (Divine Philosophy, Empathy, F.B.I.P 1 & 2, Mixtape Addict 29, 30, 31 Hosted By Dj KingFlow, Untouchables Mixtape Hosted By DJ OTG, DJ ARAB & DJ KINGFLOWBully Mixtape Hosted By Dj Taylr Made & Str8 Cashflow Hosted By DJ KINGFLOW & DJ MOON. Stay tuned for more & enjoy Marq Divine's music. 
FOR CONTACT:, Twitter @Marq_Divine,, to DOWNLOAD MIXTAPES and SUBSCRIBE to Marq Divine's Youtube page for postings, updates, videos and exclusive interviews.

Cuban Pete

C75 Designs owner/designer Cuban Pete represents the UK, is a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, and is dedicated to representing Hip Hop culture to the fullest.
His company, C75 Designs, encompasses C75 Branded (ready to wear branded clothing), C75 Live (music imprint), and C75 Customs which specialises in exclusive custom designs. These range from graffiti based to graphic designs and are applied to jackets, caps, sneakers, and other clothing and accessories to CD covers and artwork. C75 Customs has done work for Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, M-Eighty, and many others.
Musically Cuban has a love for the Golden Era of Hip Hop and the creativity that spawned many classic tracks from the like of Wu-Tang, Boot Camp Clik, Hit Squad, D.I.T.C., Bounce Squad, etc. Cuban works with H.F.E. and his own imprint C75 Live.

Ramel The MC

Born and raised in the South Bronx 1970, Ramel began his career in Hip Hop at the young age of 7, rapping, dancing and a fair share of graffiti with the House Gang Crew.
I've played bit parts on The Guiding Light, The Bill Cosby Show and later, in 1998's "Belly; and appeared dancing in music videos for KRS-ONE, Eric B. and Rakim, Salt and Pepa' and more.

After the release of my single called “Co Get Wild", I began to tour the NYC area with DJ, Eddie B. Swift. Together we opened for A Tribe Called Quest, Lords of the Underground, and Leaders of the New School, as well as performing at the Sound Factory, the now defunct Home Bass, and at Kool Mike Ski's birthday party at Rhythm Factory.

After taking a short break, I am back with bright plans for the future intending both to write books, songs for other artists and to start an educational organization and a Hip Hop Wax Cultural Museum Center to help in lighten all walks of life about Hip Hop with the unique mission of signing up children kids adults artists with a commitment to innovation whether it be Education, Poetry, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop or any type of music so look me up sometime as I leave you with a glimpse of my life and my mission. 


Prince Grand (RIP)

Prince Grand was born in 1980. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he grew up with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. He started rapping at about 13 yrs old. He always had a ear for music not just hiop hop and listened to r&b, hip hop,jazz, and soft rock. Grand struggled a lot as a teenager and did a few prison terms, learning a lot about himself and what he wanted...seeking all good business moves...he took this rap thing very serious and was very focused!! 
Prince Grand passed away November 2013.


MixMastaFreak is Digital Digger, wax and "bones" Collector, Beatmaker, Emcee, Street Poet, Freestyler. Living at South Block, Donbass pookside, Lugansk city, Ukraine area. Was born in U.S.S.R. in '85. Started HipHop way in '97. Like all in that time was inspired by Breaking, Graffiti and Rap music. Especialy influenced by Moscow Ol' Sku. First mixtapes made on tapes. Always search History of HipHop. So 5th element is Knowledge, Culture, Overstanding was part of me. Friends did grown up and HipHop out from their minds.Some people around talk that HipHop is "child age" but I continued my way. Аlways dream make something big in my life. And when I meet YAK CREW (4life) I found myself. From 2013 member of the Universal Zulu Nation. This is was point that I need to change life for good manner, make next step and move to Future. Overcoming negative to positive. YAK Natives Zulu Chapter 50 representative Ukraine. We love What We do and We do What We love. From my South Block to South Bronx (Pelan Hip Hop Home) where all started. We build bridge and help our community stay positive. (Respekt to all who support me in Zulu way,you know your names). During 2008-2013 record first album on Label "Трэпанация Ч-Рэпа". Working with the best; Crooked Ozone, K-Rock Zulu Nord Germany, Hands Of Time, Mastah Che and made podcasts for his Radio"ТЧ". Also make podcasts and live shows for local LabelDay@Donbass. Founder of International Click (USA, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Australia). Working with the best Crooked Ozone, K-Rock Zulu Nord Germany. MixMastaFreak is deep Lugansk Underground. Emcee in local BadEnglishMobb (Peace to my G Naughty Skill). One man with many projects and alter-egoz: Free-Freak- Style, Hood Bullshit, Merry Monk, Frixandini, White Owl Redaktor, Mr.Sexton, Phunky Junkie, Digital Digger, AmaZulu Alien, 13p.m., DJ YAK Frixan.

DJ Power & Dollar Bill