Thursday, November 13, 2014

FLOWERS! - "Truth" - Available now!!!!


1 - 2 Train
2 - So Beautiful
3 - Hard 2 Tell
4 - Mercy
5 - Man Down
6 - Its on You (On & On)
7 - The Spectacular
8 - I Remember
9 - Brand New
10 - Pieces of My Life
11 - Smash Master
12 - Done
13 - Rat Race Burn
14 - Song 4 Vision
15 - Botanical

Available on itunes, Amazon, and loads of other online sellers

Friday, September 5, 2014

C75 Live building up its team

C75 Live is building up its roster with the addition of Hal aka Rhymotaur, from Teesside UK, and OneMike, out of Massachusetts. That makes 3 so far including owner Cuban Pete.

Look out for the 3 MCs coming together on a track for Smuve Mass Beats mixtape for Protect Ya Neck Records as well as on Cuban Petes ep 'One', coming later this year. Both Hal and OneMike have solo eps in the works.

Monday, August 18, 2014

C75 Branded presents the camo logo t-shirt

C75 Branded presents the camo logo t-shirt.
Available in black

Printed with Direct To Garment (DTG) technology on Gildan shirts.

Visit to see our custom work inc shoes, jackets and caps.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DJ King Flow - Unsigned Revolution (Hosted By Centric)

DJ King Flow with the first of an 'unsigned' series of mixtapes. The track 'Burning Angels' featuring Cuban Pete, Inf & Lateb from Heddshotts, and the vocal scratching of the UK's Mush Box, takes the #20 position.
Make sure you check out the tape!

C75 Live Vol 1 (Hosted by DJ King Flow) - FREE DOWNLOAD




Tuesday, April 1, 2014


01 L.I.F.E Intro
02 Welcome 2 Tha Game Ft. Rell Gates
03 Set Me Free
04 Back Around
05 Self Kontrol Ft. Rell
06 Crazy..Stupid..Love
07 4 Play Money
08 On To Ya Ft. Tyson Harlem
09 Monster Ft. Roman 610
10 Dog House
11 Got To Get Away
12 Push Ft.Mr Hudson
13 Suffer Ft. Desert Eagle
14 Bad
15 So Be It Ft. Bishop Lamont
16 So Hard Ft. DayGee

Dro Pesci, Cuban Pete, ft OneMike - Olympian Heights (prod Super Ego)

2nd single off the C75 Live compilation dropping soon!

C75 Live Vol 1 - Coming soon!

Mastahche & Mixmastafreak - M&M - FREE DOWNLOAD

01. 1 mic 1 beat 
02. Word 
03. Peace,Love,Unity (feat. Karsa) 
04. Knowledge is my trump 
05. Bullshit 
06. Self-deception 
07. Snow 
08. Mixmastafreak Show 
09. Мy world (freestyle) 
10. Soul

New Russian language album from Mastahche and Mixmastafreak (M&M).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

AUDIO - 'Burning Angels' - Cuban Pete, Inf (Heddshots), Lateb (Heddshots), Mushbox

The track 'Burning Angels' is the first track to be released from the compilation 'C75 Live', a joint project from C75 Designs & Homicide Flow Ent.
The haunting track, produced by Nuttkase, features Inf and Lateb from the Connecticut crew Heddshotts on guest duties. Mushbox, from the UK collective Think Hip Hop, does vocal scratching on the hook.

C75 Live compilation - Coming soon!

Coming soon!
Featuring tracks by: Flowers - Jimmie Jaz Jones - M-EZ ft Rell - Boombox Saints - Marq Divine ft 2Tone - OneMike - Bill Thousand - Cuban Pete and Dro Pesci - Flowers ft M-EZ, Lyfe, Rell Gates, Mr Cheeks - B-Dillah - Artisan ft Keith Murray and Tone Fazoolz - Alex Chadwick - Young Thunder and DJ Flipcyide - Phace ft Scoob, Gentum & Agonyze - Reckless ft Verses, Gutta, and Chino XL - Precise - Cuban Pete ft Inf and Lateb - Pheonix Da Icefire - Nukleus ft 40 Illuminati and Kool G Rap - Joey Spilzwell

"PROMISED LAND" - Flower Cool feat. Stacks aka Sir Rodrick Johnson (Audio)

Here's the #1 sure shot for BLACK HISTORY MONTH..."PROMISED LAND" by your man Flower Cool feat. Stacks aka Sir Rodrick Johnson prod. by M-ez tha Instrumentalist


MixMastaFreak aka Frixan - Music site

Download MixMastaFreak's music HERE

Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Burning Angels' Cover art

The first track off the upcoming 'C75 Live!' compilation is 'Burning Angels'. The track features C75 Designs owner/designer Cuban Pete and Heddshotts members Inf and Lateb. The beat is produced by Nuttkase.
Audio coming soon!

The 'C75 Live' compilation is the first in a volume from the music side of C75 Designs in conjunction with Homicide Flow Ent.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ALBUM REVIEW: M-EZ - GRAND ROI The Great King - Release date 25th Feb 2014

For those who were blown away by the power of M-EZ's last album 'Power' this album is a blessing showing further depth and growth from this young but mature artist. Relationships form a strong part of this album. Both with the ladies and those around him.

1. L.I.F.E. Intro
M-EZ excels at triumphant beats and this one serves as an excellent intro heralding his return.

2. Welcome 2 The Game ft Rell Gates
A drumline style drum track is the driving force behind this welcome back for someone who never left. M and Rell Gates lay down their thoughts on the industry and dominance in it.

3. Set Me Free
Thoughts of a hustler are layed down over a pounding bass line as M-EZ struggles with his conscience in between vocal samples.

4. Back A Round
M-EZ takes aim at the suckers and snakes over a stripped down track warning them not to throw rocks at this throne.

5. Self Kontrol ft Rell
Former Roc-a-fella artist Rell puts down a smooth vocal hook over this track. M-EZ goes through the struggles and emotions we have all experienced in love from wanting to showing the door.

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love
Continuing the love theme M plays it cold with a girl letting her know his real thoughts on their relationship.

7. 4 Play Money
If the last song was lyrically slightly chilly on the emotional front this one puts M's feelings in the deep freeze as he states his intentions clear.

8. On To Ya
The chanting infused beat is infectious as M represents fully. The only problem with this track is you wish it lasted longer.

9. Monster ft Roman 610
Both emcees go in hard on this track putting down their monster tenancies over a haunting sounding beat.

10. Dog House
A beautifully used vocal sample runs through this track, giving it a sound reminiscent both musically and vocally of Kanye's 'Bound 2', while M-EZ plays the role of working his way out of the dog house.

11. Got To Get Away
This R&B based track sees M rebuilding his relationship status pointing out the good times and bad to a female who wanted to take a break.

12. Push
Another great vocal sample features on the hook while M puts forward his thoughts on the everyday struggle.

13. Suffer ft Desert Eagle
Both emcees go at these scheming females, making their intentions clear over yet another great beat using a nice and smooth vocal sample.

14. Bad
M rounds off the album nicely in club mode with this banger about a bad girl. Telling the tale of the journey from club to the crib.

All in all this another strong release from M-EZ that needs to be in your collection or at least on constant stream. Look out for it 25th Feb.