Friday, July 26, 2013

Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary KickStarter Campaign

30th Anniv. release of the first ever Hip Hop TV Show, "Graffiti Rock", & new Hip Hop documentary "Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story"

In 1984, I, Michael Holman, was successful in producing and broadcasting the first ever, nation-wide, Hip Hop variety television show, Graffiti Rock. The show featured Run DMC's greatest televised performance ever (of "Sucker M.C.'s"), as well as Kool Moe Dee and Special K of The Treacherous Three, The New York City Breakers, and a studio dance crowd that included the likes of young Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66, Brown Bunny) and Debi Mazar (Goodfellas, L.A. Law, Entourage).
The DJ on the show was non other than, Homicide Flows own, DJ Jimme Jaz.

“Graffiti Rock was an incredible show...                     Michael Holman was a genius.”  ~ Debi Mazar (on Jimmy Kimmel Live)

 Soon, it will be the 30th Anniversary of the airing of Graffiti Rock and through your contributions, we will re-master the 1 inch broadcast video tape of the show (on to DVD) as well as produce a new, feature length film called Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story. Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story will be an in-depth documentary that captures the memories and reactions of today's Hip Hop celebrities to first seeing Graffiti Rock, and how it impacted their lives. The documentary will also capture the "behind the scenes" making of Graffiti Rock, as well as my own personal experiences and accomplishments as a Hip Hop Pioneer, helping to introduce Hip Hop Culture to New York's Downtown Art Scene and eventually to the rest of the world.

“Graffiti Rock is the Soul Train of Hip Hop.”          

Ricky Powell (photographer)

Be a part of this groundbreaking launch, by sharing it with your friends & readers. By pledging to the campaign, you will experience what Hip Hop Culture looked and felt like in the old school days of 1984, and it just might change Hip Hop Culture for the better!

Click the link below and be a part of Hip Hop history in the making. 


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